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Being made aware of just how many work-hours are devoted to writing the news equivalent of uncomfortable flatulence can take its toll on one’s well-being. So we have some nice and useful stuff for you.

Some handy apps:

Kitten Block – Kick that Mail Online habit by being redirected from that e-pus bucket to Tea & Kittens. For Chrome, Firefox

Make America Kittens Again – For Chrome: watch as all photos of Donald Trump turn into pictures of kittens.

Ad Block – for Chrome and Safari banish ads and browse the web for ways to demolish the patriarchy (or kittens, whatever)  without being snarked at by Weight Watchers and all those other companies that pop up desperate for your attention and cash.

Choice Language – For Chrome an app/extension which changes the term ‘Pro-Life’ to the more appropriate,  ‘Anti-Choice’, on sites and articles about the abortion debate.

Newsy Chortles

And for those of you who want extra chuckles (whilst crying inside at the state of our media) we can highly recommend some other sites that deal with press hideousnesses besides the sexism.

Charlie Brooker’s Newswipe 2015 – Obviously the whole thing is great, but spot the NMP3 Tee 😉

The Hourly Terrier – ‘Nipping at the heels of bastardry’

The Daily Mash – You’d think The Mail was unparodiable – not quite yet.

The Daily Mail Reporter – It’s funny and sad and gah.

NewsThump – very often close to the bone.

And a few Not-Necessarily-News-Related Feminist/Equality Gems

Standard Issue Mag – championing women in a no-bullshit way.

Man Who Has It All – A gender flipping Twitter joy

Jackie Fleming – cartoonist and all-round legend

Stewart Lee on Political Correctness – It’s searingly smart and sweary.

Feel free to send suggestions of things to add.



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