Princess Football; why the FA doesn’t need Disney

There appears to be a fundamental difference between how the FA sees women and girls and how we see ourselves. Teaming up with Disney to ‘encourage more girls into the sport’ seems like a colourful PR stunt in order to look progressive. In actual fact, they are doing all of us a great disservice by…


Sanitary Conversations

Period isn’t a dirty word, but for a hella long time period poverty has been thought of as an area too murky to dive into. The grim reality is that whilst we’ve been whispering in hushed tones about our time of the month, many folk across the UK and beyond are forced to go without…


MPs who flaunt their, er, agendas

BY JOAN FUN and ALYS HELLROTTER  for THE FAILY MALE Men’s Rights activists may howl, but there’s always a reason gentlemen of the House parade their bulges. When George Osborne slipped into his slinky blue suit on Wednesday morning, he knew exactly the effect his outfit would have. For while Right-wing meninists have been wringing their…

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