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NMP3 & The Week In Sexist News 08/04/2016

Another week, another pile of utter dross from those we call “tabloid NEWSpapers”. This week’s excitement is, quite unsurprisingly, mostly centered around those most beloved of female pursuits: being thin and having good hair. Preferably¬†both at the same time, and whilst performing the multitude of other tasks we have to contend with in our day-to-day…



Greetings, readers, from the Sexist Newsroom – here to furnish you with your usual weekly dose of the bad, the bad and the frankly, fugly. After a quiet start whilst column inches were instead devoted to extra scaremongering and thinly-veiled racism, our journos came back fighting; ramping the amplifiers of sexist wankbadgery up to 11…


NMP3 & The Week in Sexist News – 11/03/2016

Welcome to the first NMP3 Week in Sexist News! It’s been quite a week, and not just for us. While¬†we’ve been ferreting around in the bottom of the journalistic barrel, it seems our old pal and former Sun editor, Dave Dinsmore was convicted of breaching the sexual offences act. Strange, he always seemed to have…

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