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NMP3 & The Week in Sexist News – 11/03/2016

Welcome to the first NMP3 Week in Sexist News! It’s been quite a week, and not just for us. While¬†we’ve been ferreting around in the bottom of the journalistic barrel, it seems our old pal and former Sun editor, Dave Dinsmore was convicted of breaching the sexual offences act. Strange, he always seemed to have…


The Week in Sexist News 2014-2015 best bits

Well, we’re very excited about this new venture. We want to give some context to anyone not familiar with the original incarnation of The Week in Sexist News from those awful, raddled harpies Flora Cramp, Joan Fun and Iris Clot at My Tights Won’t Stay Up. We have gathered (somewhat randomly) 21* of our favourite…

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