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The Sexist News began in October 2014 as a feature on the blog My Tights Won’t Stay Up called ‘The Week in Sexist News’. MTWSU was set up by two No More Page Three campaign members, who wanted to tackle feminist issues outside of the Page 3 debate, in a humourous and irreverent way.

It started as a bit of fun, for blowing off steam, since, if you are of a feminist persuasion, a mere glance at the Mail Online can be somewhat trying. And it mainly carried on being fun, except loads of people started reading it and THANKING them for writing it. Thanking them for making them laugh when they felt angry with the media’s unfair, stupid and disrespectful treatment of women and not being able to do anything about it. Men as well as women said they were feeling less alone in the face of so much damaging crud and heartened by the blogs. Admittedly some were put in mild peril by choking on warm beverages whilst reading and one woman reportedly even laughed so hard her breastfeeding baby fell off her boob. So there are downsides.

As a campaign, NMP3 required huge amounts of energy, time and often resilience as we all had jobs and families and sometimes even social lives besides our volunteering. We’ve been trying to find a way to continue challenging sexism in the press, but in a different, less intense and tiring manner. It seemed the answer was under our noses all along! We have a platform where we can share something fun with a serious message and we have a platform where we can support and work with other campaigns.

There are lots of different ways to effect change, we know that writing The Week in Sexist News has had a huge effect on Iris, Flora and Joan who started it; transforming their frustration into something very silly has done wonders for their acid reflux and we have heard tell that all sorts of things have not been snapped in half or smashed to bits for the humour assuaged much rage.

So every Friday we’ll do a round up and this site will grow and evolve. This incarnation of No More Page 3 is us trying something new. This is creative activism. With swears.


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