Call to action!!!!!! Celebrate your Assets!!!!

Yes, despite having finally relegated Page 3 to a more discreet online setting the Sun are sadly once again strongly reinforcing the message that the only assets young women have that they want to know about are the ones attached to their chest by accident of biology. Now, we’re not knocking those who choose to post their knockers, but surely it’s time for the Sun to move on and discover, perhaps even celebrate, the fact that women have more assets than that.


Yes “Girls” The Sun thinks it matters not what talents or abilities (assets) you may have, their £1000 prize money will only be won by sending selfies of your cleavage to the strangers at The Sun newsroom. Nothing creepy about that is there? Even if they have used the world “GIRLS” and not “Women”!?


Even MP Theresa May is featured in this Sun article. Now you may be rather naive in believing that our Home Secretary’s “assets” (controversial as they might be) are that she represents her constituents in the House of Commons or that she is one of the longest serving cabinet members but it seems none of that is relevant because she has women’s bits


So we’ve been having a think about this in the Sexist Newsroom and about all of the amazing young and older women that we have been lucky enough to meet during our years of campaigning to improve the media coverage of 50% of the population.




Assets that The Sun and our other newspapers in the UK really should be celebrating.

Assets that, if seen more widely in our media, might make a real difference to the expectations and aspiration of our young women and to the attitudes of our young men, some of whom seem to currently think of women and girls as sexual play things*



  • Do you have an amazing talent or ability that you could photograph or video?
  • Are you part of a group or organisation that somehow celebrates or showcases women’s abilities – i.e. a sports team, a dance group, a choir, art, writing group or drama group?


  • Gather together or find a way to display your work in a visual way
  • Take a picture or a collection of pictures put into a montage or do a short video (not sure if video is upload able – need to try this)
  • Write a brief description (150 words maximum) of your “ASSET” for us here at Sexist News
  • Feel free to be as silly about it or a serious as you like!


  • Send a copy of your picture/videos and your short description to us at so that we can share it across Facebook and Twitter


Of Course you may also chose to send a copy of your ASSETS to The Sun?
They have an  online form here  or you could email the Editor here

or send YOUR ASSETS it in the post to –

Mr Tony Gallagher

The Sun

1 London Bridge Street,



If your ASSETS are so impressive they won’t fir in an email or a postal envelope you could maybe even deliver them in person? We feel sure the lovely team at The Sun would be pleased to see you 😉



Sexual bullying and harassment are routine in UK schools. Almost a third of girls experience unwanted sexual touching in UK schools

1 in 3 teenage girls has experienced sexual violence from a boyfriend

Sexualization of women in mainstream media has been linked with violence against women and girls

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